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Jak si vybrat nejlepšího poskytovatele jazykových služeb (LSP) pro vaši firmu?

Are you struggling to translate important emails into another language? Then this latest guest feature by Vatsal Ghiya is just for you. In this guest feature, he has shared some input on the importance of Language Service Providers for business.

Klíčový poznatek z článku je -

  • Are still translating your email into another language manually? Then you might be more frustrated to know that someone else’s email service might not translate your email as well. So, what’s the solution? To solve these challenges, the language service provider is the viable option. And these are getting popular as well.
  • In simple terms, language service providers are the company that offers translation, localization, and interpretation of the services. These service providers are closely related to tech and software companies that offer products and services related to the language service industry.
  • But before choosing a language service provider you must take up these key considerations and these are- understand what you need from LSP, choose an LSP that fits your budget, make sure the LSP vendor deals with tight deadlines, and check their portfolio and references.

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