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Jak sbírat data pro řečové projekty?

Data is an integral part of any business process or organization. But do you know how to use that data for better insights? No. Then this blog is the answer to all your queries on how to collect and train the data as per the business requirement and gain data insight into it.

Klíčovým poznatkem z článku je

  • If you are using machine learning programs all across your organization, then you need to understand that data is the important and vital key to making your model accurate and better. Because as you use machine learning and natural language processing(NLP) technology in your speech projects quality of data makes or breaks your business process.
  • NLP works on automatic speech recognition technology and it requires quality data to work effectively. To collect speech data first you need to create a demographic mix.
  • In the next step, you would have to collect data from real people and transcribe the whole data with taking help of a data transcriptionist, then you would have to build separate test data to train the language model, and last we need to evaluate the output of automatic speech recognition software to benchmark its performance.

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